How to Make a DIY Jump Rope with Plastic Bags

Jump ropes are very useful in everyday life since they are used in one of the most effective exercises. For some people, however, buying such ropes is difficult due to financial challenges. This shouldn’t prevent you from exercising as you can easily make your jump ropes using plastic bags. You will need plastic bags, a pair of scissors and duct tape. There are several methods you can use for the DIY jump ropes such as : 

The first method for making a plastic bag rope

Start by aligning the bags on top of each other than cutting at the boom and top sections.
Next, open the tips of the bags one at a time and form that resembles a ring with each.
Tie the first two bags together to form a chain then repeat the process on all the bags until you have paired three chains.
Duct tape one end of the chains together then start braiding them.
Braid until the end then add more chains until you get a length that satisfies you.
When done, duct tape the other side as well.

Second strategy to a Plastic bag jump rope 


Start by cutting off the handles of only 9 out of 24 plastic bags then cut off the seams.
Open each bag to form a loop then loop them together to form something similar to an Olympic ring.
Start feeding the outside part through the inside of the other loop then pull the part you just fed so that they are tied together.
Loop 3 bags to form one strand then proceed to make three strands.


Twist the tips of the strands together then wrap with duct tape to form a handle.
Braid the strands and keep attaching more loops at the end until you’ve used all your bags. Twist the other end and secure with duct tape as you did the other side.


The third method for your DIY Jump Rope

For DIY jump rope, you’ll need 27 plastic bags together with the other items mentioned above.
Cut the handles and the seams of the bags then open the first 6 bags to form a ring.
Lay the rings so that they overlap each other. You’ll pair them so that you have three pairs.
Pull one ring under and the other over then pull their ends apart to form a knot. Make sure all the air gets out so that the knots are as small as possible.

Follow the same steps on the remaining plastic bags.

Join the ends of the three pairs with the duct tape then place a heavy object like a big book on that end to hold it down.

Start braiding, keeping the braids as straight as possible and making sure that you let all the air out.
Continue until you use all the bags then twist the ends as you did earlier.
Finish by joining them with duct tape.



The DIY plastic jump rope has many benefits such as cost-efficiency. You won’t spend any money since you can use items that you already have in your home. The processes are also simple and straight forward so you will only need a few minutes of your time. You won’t need additional labor as well and you’ll end up with a high-quality jump rope. The number of plastic bags given is just for examples, you can add more until you get the length you’re comfortable with.

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