How to Choose a Jump Rope

Today, keeping fit is considered to be a lifestyle rather than a routine. There are many different ways that people use to exercise. However, very few people use jump ropes during their work out sessions. Jump ropes, also known as skipping ropes, are great equipment to use during exercise as they contribute to proper pumping of the heart, among other great benefits. It is crucial to understand the different benefits, characteristics, and types of jump ropes before purchasing one. As there is a variety of skipping ropes available in the market today, the article below will guide you in choosing the most suitable one to fit your needs.


Amazing Benefits of Using a Jump Rope during Workouts – Allows the User to Become More Agile and Quicker

When you jump, there are signals that are sent from the feet to the brain. These signals allow you to maintain balance, thus preparing you for a proper landing. This allows your brain to focus on your feet, thus giving you more stability, agility, and speed. For this reason, boxers love to use a jump rope during their training sessions.


Portability and Affordability

Jump ropes are the most affordable and best way to stay healthy and fit. You can fit it in a small bag and use it during your free time. Jump ropes are excellent exercise equipment as they do not require any assembling before usage. This allows users to save on time, making them user-friendly to almost everyone.


Burn Calories

Using a jump rope, at least every day is one of the best ways to burn the extra calories in your body. You are able to exercise at your own pace, taking breaks when necessary. If your jumping speed is moderate, it is possible to burn approximately 15 calories per minute. Those who jump at a faster rate tend to burn around 30-80 calories per minute. In addition, some researchers claim that jumping for 10 minutes is equivalent to running one mile in eight minutes.


Improve Bone Density

Jumping rope facilitates the exertion of pressure while landing on both legs. On the other hand, running does increase bone density as well but adds strain to your joints. This makes jumping a rope a better alternative to running. This is why older adults are advised to use jump ropes to increase their bone density as running may lead to straining of the joints which is unhealthy.


Types of Jump Ropes


Jump ropes are very simple pieces of equipment as they are made of basic materials such as cotton and nylon among many others. Jump ropes made of leather, PVC, and plastic beads add some more fun to jumping. As the handles are made in different designs, they also contribute to the quality of the workout. As you want to discover the jump rope that will serve you best, read on and find out.


1. Weighted Jump Rope

This kind of jump rope has thick PVC on the rope, and its handles are plastic. It has a fast turning capability which allows users to improve their speed and agility, as well as get a proper cardio workout session. It is a preferred choice to beaded or cloth jump ropes for beginners. Additionally, this skipping rope is relatively affordable.


2. Speed Jump Rope

This category of jump ropes is made of thin PVC, and its handles are significantly durable. They are designed to rotate quite fast, similar to leather jump ropes. The rope and handles are connected with ball bearing swivels. This facilitates fast turning which allows the user to jump more quickly. It is a recommended choice for proper training.


3. Cloth Jump Rope

This jump rope is the most affordable and easiest rope to use. It is made of either nylon cords of braided cotton. There are certain cloth jump ropes whose handles are made of wood or plastic, while others have knots instead of handles. The cloth jump rope is an excellent choice for beginners. Thus, with more experience with the rope, the user can graduate to the next level with a more advanced jump rope.


4. Leather Jump Rope

This is a great choice for those that undertake serious workouts. It has a strip of leather on the rope, and the handles are either wooden or plastic. A leather jump rope has a faster turning rate than the cloth jump rope. This is why it is a preferred choice for those that engage in serious cardio workouts. This jump rope is a must-have for most professional boxers.


5. Beaded Jump Rope

This jump rope is made of a thin piece of nylon cord which has plastic beads strung on it. The beads are usually in different colors, thus grabbing attention as the rope is swung. They are recommended for fun and easy exercises but not intense jump exercises. They do not turn very fast and can be a bit uncomfortable to use. They are also very affordable.


6. Licorice PVC Jump Rope

This jump rope is made of a thick piece of PVC and has plastic handles. Its turning capability is relatively fast, thus enabling jumpers to obtain a good cardio workout. It is a highly recommended choice for beginners as it is also relatively economical. For those new to using jumping ropes, this is the best rope for you as it will be more comfortable to use as compared to beaded or cloth jump ropes.




For a healthy and happy life, you need to be engaged in good workouts and healthy eating habits. Jumping ropes come in handy during exercise, thus should be incorporated in your must-have workout equipment. Choose wisely and get yourself a jump rope that will help you embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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