8 Jump Rope Workout Apps For your Phone

In today’s world, it may seem impossible to have an engaging workout without shelling out money for gear and gym memberships. However, that is far from the truth. One exercise that is fun and inexpensive is jumping rope. At first glance, jump rope is seen as a child’s activity. Skipping rope while saying a cutesy rhyme doesn’t exactly appeal to the average adult. However, this is an extremely engaging exercise that can end up working several areas of your body while improving your cardio.
To help out with having the best experience with this exercise, several jump rope workout apps have been developed to assist you on reaching your workout goals.

  1. Jumppro Jump

    Simplicity is the best policy when starting out. Jumppro Jump is the jump rope app for that! It is a barebones app that requires you to register and set up a profile before you can begin using it. However, the user-friendly interface allows you to log in to your sessions with no hassle. It’s free to use as well as ad-free! The app is also set up so you can pair it to a Bluetooth heart rate monitor or even stream to your television via Chromecast so you can see how your workout is going in real-time. Users claim that the app uses amazing calibration so you can track your workouts accurately and efficiently.
  2. Jump Rope Workout

    Another great app for logging in your workouts, Jump Rope Workout is the app created by Underlogic for those who just want a way to track their workouts and how many calories burned. It’s free to use, though there are ads you will have to sit through once in a while. Users love how accurate the calibration is. Though the app doesn’t offer a bunch of bells and whistles, the app works great for users starting out on their jump rope journey.
  3. The Jump Rope Tricktionary

    The Jump Rope Tricktionary is a collection of videos detailing how to complete different jump rope tricks. Each trick has its own video demonstrating how to perform. The app also has a speed timer so you can track other fellow jumpers by manually counting their jumps. Learning different ways to jump rope can spice up your workout to make it fun and engaging. This app is meant more for learning how to jump instead of tracking your workout. However, if you’re ready to take your routine to the next level, this app is ready to show you how.
  4. Crossrope

    Considered to be one of the top companies for buying jump ropes, their app would only show their quality of the product. Although the workouts on the app are meant to be used along with their product, that isn’t necessary to enjoy the benefits. After a quick-start tutorial, you’re ready for their daily workouts and monthly challenges built to meet your fitness goals. While the app is free to use, it does cost money to access unlimited workouts. So whether you are a beginner or a jump rope pro, Crossrope is ready to work with you.
  5. Nike Training Club

    Though this app is more for all sports, they do include workouts for jumping rope. Free to use, the app includes individual workouts along with multi-week training options. You do need either a Nike Plus account or register to use the app before you can access the workouts. Your workout is tailored to meet your exercise needs and goals so both the beginner and the advanced jump roper can find a plan that fits their needs. Though buying a subscription does allow access to more features, the app is still amazing to use without paying a cent.
  6. JustJump

    JustJump allows both pros and the novice to explore a library of jump rope moves. The user-friendly interface includes videos shot in normal and slow mode to allow interested parties to see just how to perform a new jump rope maneuver. Many of the tricks are free to view, but a few more advanced ones are hidden behind a paywall. Meant as a teaching resource over a workout tracker, this app works wonders for adding new moves to your workout.
  7. YouTube

    Believe it or not, YouTube can be very helpful in helping you with your jump rope routine. Channels like Jump Rope Dudes or The Phoenix Movement have videos of entire routines for you to follow along with. Never hurts to create a playlist of exercise routines that are on your skill level for a quick start to your workout.
  8. YaoYao

    Apple smartwatches are amazing, except for the fact that several brands have a built-in health app that doesn’t support jumping rope. Enter YaoYao to fix the issue. The free to use the app not only counts your repetitions but keeps track of your heart rate and calorie calculation. Storing its records with your health data, this jump rope app keeps up with how fast you move.
  9. Jump Rope Master

    Keason Chen has created an app to help track your workout and allow you to view your statistics on any given day. The app is very basic in terms of what it offers users but very helpful in tracking your workouts each day. The app is free to use with limited ads to wait through to access what you need.

Jump rope apps can do amazing things for your workout routine. Right off the bat, the apps allow you to see your progress. Seeing how far you’ve come can do wonders for your determination to keep going. When using one that tracks your progress, you can compete with yourself to outclass your last exercise session. You can better-set goals when you understand what is your baseline and what would make a feasible milestone in your workout journey. If you’re interested in adding jumping rope to your exercise routine, download some of these apps and let the fun begin!

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