jump rope games

Helicopter Jump rope game: If you are looking to play fun, exciting games with your children, then Helicopter is perfect for you. It is a simple game that requires two or more people to enjoy it. Equipment: One standard length skipping rope. Rules: The rules are simple enough. All the participants form a circle on […]

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Types of jumping ropes

There were only two types of jump ropes for many years, they were either beaded or leather. Both were effective for their purpose and give excellent results. There are much better options for jump ropes now.  Here are the three types of jumping ropes to choose between. ► Speed jump ropes This particular jump rope is

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9 Jump Rope Alternatives

 Jump rope is a high-intensity exercise that has shown promising results in improving overall body wellness. Athletes and schoolchildren are the common users of this training and sporting exercise. Jump rope is also one of the best cardio exercises in terms of the financial and space commitment it requires. Despite all these merits, it is

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