9 Jump Rope Alternatives

 Jump rope is a high-intensity exercise that has shown promising results in improving overall body wellness. Athletes and schoolchildren are the common users of this training and sporting exercise. Jump rope is also one of the best cardio exercises in terms of the financial and space commitment it requires. Despite all these merits, it is worth noting that this exercise is not for everyone.

Consider the case of a person with bad knees. Using a jump rope would only worsen the condition. This, in addition to the fact that you may be looking for other options to switch things up, are enough reasons to look for jump rope alternatives. Below are 9 jump rope alternatives to offer similar or better benefits as this exercise with at least less intense impact on specific body parts:

1.    Swimming

Did you know that you could burn the same calories in jump rope exercises by swimming? A Harvard health publication shows that you can burn slightly more than 370 calories with 30 minutes swimming the same you would burn with 30 minutes rope jumping. Swimming is a low impact sporting activity that can help tune your body to its best shape without having to strain some parts. As long as you are not taking strenuous maneuvers in water, the likelihood of hurting delicate body parts like bad knees is significantly reduced.

Swimming is at the top of this list for a reason. Most of the health benefits of this exercise, including improving bone mass, muscle strength and alleviating mood and emotions related problems, are research-backed.

2.    High knees

This is the second jump rope alternative that engages your upper body and the core muscles. High knees are a combination of knee lifts and run in place exercises. This cardio-intensive exercise has numerous benefits to the body, including increased metabolism that, in turn, helps burn calories similarly to jump rope exercises.

The best way to perform this exercise is as follows: Stand with your feet slightly apart, open your chest, bring up the knees to the waist level and slowly lower them to the feet level.

Repeat these steps severally to complete a set. You should bring the knees to the chest level alternating between legs as if you are running for better results.

3.    Mountain climbers

Similarly, to jump rope, this exercise increases your heart rate and improves your core muscles’ endurance. The most basic form of this exercise is the one done on the ground level. With your feet apart and your wrists under your shoulder, you should move your knees towards your chest and back to the ground level.

A better approach to doing this exercise is elevating your wrist level like in push-ups but keeping your butt parallel to the ground. It would be best to consider combining mountain climbers with other cardio exercises such as burpees and push-ups for even enhanced results.

4.    Dancing

This is another option that clearly indicates that you do not need to invest much in equipment to enjoy the benefits of jump rope exercises. Additionally, this is the most fun and engaging exercise you can do to achieve whole-body training. While it is common to practice and have dancing sessions as a group, you can actually do this activity alone as you chill in your living room.

Here, there is no standard way to do this exercise. Just put your favorite song, loosen up and have the time of your life dancing. A good dancing session is likely to improve your spirit and mood along with the physical benefits than any other exercise on this list.

5.    Rowing

If you can acquire a rowing machine, this can be another great indoor activity to substitute jump rope exercises. If you are cautious of the machine overstressing on your back, rowing can help exercise both your lower and upper body. This is, however, a function of the rowing machine model you are using since some stress on the arms and back muscles while others stress on the legs.

To benefit maximumly from the rowing machine, you need to learn the art of rowing and the related skills required. This can only be achieved if you train with this machine, often with tutorials available online.

6.    Skaters

This is a cardiovascular, strength and endurance exercise that can be an excellent low impact jump rope alternative. Just like the jump rope exercises, skaters stress on training the hips and leg muscles. With skaters, you will burn more calories while protecting your delicate parts like the hurt knees.

If you are a beginner in this exercise, it is wise to start with the skater steps and then proceed to the jump. You only need to put your arms to the front and mimic a skater’s moves by crossing one of your legs behind your body as you in place walk or jump from side to side.

7.    Fast feet

Although this alternative exercise will not burn as many calories as the jump rope exercises, you will benefit from the low impact body toning. This exercise works on the thighs, quads and glutes. If you want to work out your lower body, you should probably go for this alternative.

For this exercise, lower your body to the squat position with your feet hips-length apart. Bring your arms to the front and lift your heels to be on the ball of your feet. Keep this position as you run in place. It would be best if you ran as fast as you can to train the muscles mentioned above.

8.    Stationary cycling

This is an excellent indoor exercise that you can do instead of rope jump exercises. Again, this is a perfect option for people who do not have time or bikes to go cycling outdoors. Stationary cycling helps strengthen your back muscles. With this exercise, you are likely to control the impacts on your knees, hips, and spine and this will prevent hurting them further.

Similarly, to fast feet, you can only gain from stationary cycling if you do it frequently. To ensure that you are always motivated to do this exercise and that you are not bored at any time, you should consider going for a stationary cycling session at a gym severally.

9.    Walking

Surprisingly going for a 30-minute walk is as good as doing rope jumps. Taking a walk is the easiest exercise you can do, not mentioning that it will leave you in a better mood and highly active. If you have knee pain. this is the safest exercise you can do to ensure that your condition is not worsened.

Bottom line

If you feel that jump rope exercises are more intense for you or that you want to add similar exercises to the list of your workout activities, just give one of these options a try! While exercise is good to maintain the body in its perfect shape, you need to appreciate diversity to benefit from it maximumly. If you have any paining body part, you should always keep in mind that going slow even with these alternatives is the only way to make sure that you do not worsen your condition.

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