How To Jump Rope

Jump Rope Surfaces

Jumping over a rope that passes under both feet is a high impact exercise.  Just like running is a high impact exercise. If you had a choice, you wouldn’t run on a hard unforgiving surface! Would you? Well, the same is true with jumping rope. The risk of injury is much greater on unforgiving surfaces …

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Injury Free High Impact

High Impact and Low Impact Rope JumpingRope jumping exercises can be either high impact or low impactLow impact exercise keeps at least one foot in constant contact with the ground. Twirls, wraps and step-throughs are low impact jump rope routines. Walking is also a low impact exercise.High impact exercise gets both feet off the ground …

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How Speed Rope Works?

It’s amazing to think that one of the simplest, oldest, most time tested pieces of exercise equipment, the jump rope, has evolved the way it has. In it’s origins, the jump rope was simply a piece of cotton rope. Soon cotton turned into leather and eventually plastic. Today, the best jump rope on the market …

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Double Dutch Jump Rope

Double Dutch Jump Rope Type Origins of the Double Dutch RopeDouble Dutch found its origin in Chinese, Egyptian and Phoenician rope-makers, but the game actually got its name when the Englishmen came to settle near the Hudson River and saw the Dutch children playing with two jump ropes. What they saw, they named ‘Double Dutch.’Double Dutch – …

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