First Thoughts About Fitness Training

Think about jumping rope and you think about someone jumping! Right?

Jumping rope brings two things to mind. Many adults without little children think about a firmly sculpted hard body boxer or martial artist working out in the gym with a personal fitness trainer. Parents with young children conjure up images their little kids jumping rope at home or in a school playground.

Imagine the sight of children jumping rope. Now think an athlete performing a jump rope exercise fitness workout. They both share three things in common. Yes, of course both people are jumping off ground. But look closely and you will see that they are both having a lot of fun! That’s right. Jumping rope is really fun. I can’t think of any other home or gym fitness machine or workout that makes anyone smile. Can you?

Just look at anybody – child or athlete – jumping rope and you’re sure to be impressed. Jumping rope never fails to attract a crowd. Jumping rope looks so fantastic that only a few adults ever consider it as a home or gym fitness workout. Well, we’re going to change that. And here’s why…

Jump Rope Without Getting Off The Ground…

That’s right! You don’t have to lift your feet off the ground to start jumping rope. Not even one foot! The first step in jumping rope doesn’t use your legs at all. It’s your arms that swing the rope. Learn to swing a jump rope from side-to-side or twirl it like a windmill. You’ll get great upper body cardio exercise while you build the core body strength, coordination, strength and flexibility that you need to do more.

We’re adding new content to this website every day so that you can learn all the techniques and strategies that you can indeed in order to create and maintain your jump rope workouts. You’ll get answers to all of your jump rope in questions and you’ll learn about how jump rope compares to the most popular fitness and training programs and equipment.

Three parting jump rope thoughts:

  1. Look Good
  2. Feel Good
  3. Have fun!

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