Types of jumping ropes

There were only two types of jump ropes for many years, they were either beaded or leather. Both were effective for their purpose and give excellent results. There are much better options for jump ropes now. 

Here are the three types of jumping ropes to choose between.

► Speed jump ropes

This particular jump rope is very thin compared to the other styles. It is manufactured to be faster than the weighted jump ropes. The speed jump rope is perfect for those training in cardio.

The design of the speed rope

The handles are designed to be smaller so that the rope is close to the center of the body. This gives the jumper a faster rotation with less work. The handles are about 5 or 6 inches depending on the brand you are using. The rope is designed to remain tangle-free throughout your jumping session. It is positioned at a 90-degree angle to ensure that you are getting maximized speed with no tangling issues. 

► Weighted jump ropes

The weighted jump ropes are many benefits for using a weighted jump rope, such as endurance, weight loss, improving your footwork, coordination, and balance. It’s perfect for those looking to live a healthy lifestyle with physical activities.  

The design of the weighted rope.

The weighted jump rope is made with a thick cord, unlike the speed rope. It gives the rope a slower speed to allow the jumper more time to balance and prepare for it. There are two options for the weighted aspect. One option is with weighted handles with a thick cord. The other option is to have a weighted cord with light handles. The handles are longer with this style of jump rope. They are around 7 to 8 inches in length. Your hands are more outward or away from the body when jumping. There are ball joints strategically designed in the handles connecting the rope to prevent any tangling while jumping. 

Try this at home!

Go and find a jump rope with weighted handles. It will give you a smooth and easy jump with the weight not hurting your arms. You will be able to feel how simple the rope flows without distributing the weight. If you use a weighted cord jump rope, then it is a little more challenging. You have to use your muscles to swing the rope around and around.

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