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How Do I Choose the Best Weighted Jump Rope?

What to look for when buying a weighted jump rope:

When you’re looking to buy a new weighted jump rope, you want to make sure that the jump rope you buy meets your needs. The weighted jump rope is usually not for a beginner jump roper; this type of rope is mostly used by a person who is always in shape and fit. So if you are just starting to introduce jumping rope to your workout lighter weighted rope might be your best fit. As you get stronger with your upper body and your increase your stamina, then you can think of moving over to a weighted jump rope. In order to reduce strain on your shoulders, hands and wrist it is a good idea to get a weighted jump rope where the weight is placed in the rope and not just in the handles. To help eliminate friction you want to make sure there is some sort of a joint between the handles and the rope, some ropes use ball bearings others use of type of mechanisms to help eliminate friction and give you a smoother and faster jumping sleep during your workout.

Jump ropes come in different sizes length, and are made with all sorts of different type of materials, the different ropes are meant for different levels of jumping rope. For the ideal length of your jump rope, if you’re standing on the jump rope that handles should be able to reach your armpits. If the jump rope is too long; you can always adjust its by tying knots on each end, some jump ropes will allow you to customize the rope by cutting it to fit your needs. Take into consideration if you’re going to be jump roping indoors or outdoors. Since this may impact your decision on what material you want your jump rope made out of, since you may want it to be more durable if you’re going to be jump roping outdoors.

Many athletes use jumping rope is an excellent upper body cardio workout. Jumping rope can also be a great warm-up to a weightlifting workout, Instead of running on a treadmill at the gym. Many people think that jumping rope is mostly for kick boxers were little kids, which is just plain not true. Many sports athletes also use jumping rope, to help increase their upper body strength and endurance to enhance their performance levels. Just by using a weighted jump rope can help your kicks and jumps as well as give you a full body workout and exercise routine.

One of the great benefits of jumping rope is it actually has less impact on your knees and ankles then running does. You can also burn the same amount of calories as running. Adding a weighted jump rope to your workout routine will increase the amount of calories that you’re burning with the same amount of jumps , while helping you build more lean muscle in a shorter period of time.

Improve your jumping rope and more by using a Weighted Jump Rope:

Using a weighted jump rope can help you improve you jumping rope style and help you do tricks at better ease. So when you think you got to a good level of jumping with your lighter jump rope you might want to look in to buying a Weighted Jump Rope. Feel free to buy your weighted jump rope made out of any material if you like a plastic jump rope or would rather go with a weighted leather jump rope, it all has to do with your own personal taste.

Buddy Lees Aero Speed Jump Rope

If you are in the market for a high performance jump rope, Buddy Lees Aero Speed Jump Rope is an excellent choice. Buddy Lee, a well known Olympian, has designed this jump rope to teach people how to maximize the benefits of jump roping for weight loss and overall health. Whether for use at your local gym, or for your own personal home gym, this product will not disappoint. This product has been designed to include a patented swivel bearing system, which ensures smooth turns with no annoying rope tangles. The jump rope has also been ergonomically designed as to remain safe for the user regardless of use frequency. It has also been especially designed for speed and power jumping to allow awesome cardio intensive workout sessions.

Other features of this jump rope include being able to cut the rope in order to fit customers' height requirements. It is also great for both beginners and advanced users. It is truly the most current innovative jump rope on the market. The bearing system allows for eliminating friction, drag, and tangling. The rope includes a swivel bearing wrench in order for the customer to secure and replace bearings as needed. It has also been rated as "Best Rope" by well known publications, Men's Health and Men's Fitness Magazine.

Buddy Lees Aero Speed Jump Rope has received one hundred and thirty one customer reviews on Amazon with over 65% of the reviews having four stars or more of the possible five star rating. Overall, the reviews are very favorable for customers who have used the product. There is also a discussion forum included on the Amazon page for customers who have questions. Based upon these customer reviews, Buddy Lees Aero Speed Jump Rope is a great buy for anyone looking to purchase a jump rope that is better than the original old school design. Highly recommended.

Cloth Jump Ropes – It’s a matter of What You Enjoy

Jumping ropes are inexpensive, durable and affordable exercise tool. It can provide an exercise routine suitable for beginners and kids even up to professional athletes and professional trainers. Professional boxers also utilize this equipment in their daily workouts and trainings. These ropes can provide a more exciting and more energetic way of having your daily workout. For children, it can be another form of game and enjoyment that they can share with their groups or friends. They are available in almost all countries, in all places and are being enjoyed by everyone.

Cloth is One Inexpensive Common Material Used for Jump Ropes

Skipping ropes are manufactured in different materials including cloth, plastic, nylon, and metal. Cloth rope are plain and simple, inexpensive and readily available. Cloth ropes are similar to polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic polymer that is widely used commercially in textiles, packaging and ropes. Ropes that are made of cloth or PP are strong and durable. They are soft and easy to control. They will not bounce when the rope hits the floor.

No Handle Needed

Many of these ropes do not have any handles. You just wrap one end of the rope around your hand. It is easy to make your rope longer or shorter simply by wrapping more or less of the rope around your hand.

Practical and Multi-Purpose

PP and cloth ropes are great for training. Some competitions require the use of a cloth or PP rope. The rope is easy to handle and it maintains a beautiful arc overhead. They are also water and fade resistant and easy to clean. They are available in different lengths and colors – blue, green, red and yellow and more. There are even stylist cloths that vary from stripes and patterned designs.

Exercise Your Choice!

Jump ropes are inexpensive and we recommend that you purchase several jump ropes.You don’t have to buy them all at once, but it’s good to experiment with several different rope materials, handles and lengths. The rope that you choose to use may depend on your mood that day, jumping style and the type of workout you plan to do. Your favorite rope will likely change over time as you develop your skill and fitness.