Cloth Jump Ropes – It’s a matter of What You Enjoy

Jumping ropes are inexpensive, durable and affordable exercise tool. It can provide an exercise routine suitable for beginners and kids even up to professional athletes and professional trainers. Professional boxers also utilize this equipment in their daily workouts and trainings. These ropes can provide a more exciting and more energetic way of having your daily workout. For children, it can be another form of game and enjoyment that they can share with their groups or friends. They are available in almost all countries, in all places and are being enjoyed by everyone.

Cloth is One Inexpensive Common Material Used for Jump Ropes

Skipping ropes are manufactured in different materials including cloth, plastic, nylon, and metal. Cloth rope are plain and simple, inexpensive and readily available. Cloth ropes are similar to polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic polymer that is widely used commercially in textiles, packaging and ropes. Ropes that are made of cloth or PP are strong and durable. They are soft and easy to control. They will not bounce when the rope hits the floor.

No Handle Needed

Many of these ropes do not have any handles. You just wrap one end of the rope around your hand. It is easy to make your rope longer or shorter simply by wrapping more or less of the rope around your hand.

Practical and Multi-Purpose

PP and cloth ropes are great for training. Some competitions require the use of a cloth or PP rope. The rope is easy to handle and it maintains a beautiful arc overhead. They are also water and fade resistant and easy to clean. They are available in different lengths and colors – blue, green, red and yellow and more. There are even stylist cloths that vary from stripes and patterned designs.

Exercise Your Choice!

Jump ropes are inexpensive and we recommend that you purchase several jump ropes.You don’t have to buy them all at once, but it’s good to experiment with several different rope materials, handles and lengths. The rope that you choose to use may depend on your mood that day, jumping style and the type of workout you plan to do. Your favorite rope will likely change over time as you develop your skill and fitness.

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