The Benefits of Jumping Rope

Jump rope or skipping rope is a game many children play around the world; where a player jump over a rope that is swung over their heads and under their feet. Sometimes there are a group of two or three players simultaneously jumping over the rope, and the other group swinging the rope, and take turns on swinging and jumping rope.

Jumping rope, because of its many benefits, has developed into a sport and a cardiovascular exercise. Considered an aerobic exercise, jumping rope can burn up to 700 calories per hour. This means that jumping rope for ten minutes is equivalent to running an eight-mile track.

Here are the major benefits of jumping rope:

Aerobic Exercise

jumping rope causes the continuous movement of the large muscle groups that causes one’s heart rate to increase and can help develop joint and bone strength.

Effective weight loss tool

burning calories up to 1000 per hour is a big deal. This means that jumping rope is one of the most efficient workouts possible.

Easy to Learn

everybody can learn how to jump rope and enjoy its many benefits easily. You can control the level of difficulty by swinging the rope slower or faster.


there are many ways to spice up this aerobic exercise, with many tricks that you can perform with your friends.


this exercise is accessible to anyone. You can use rubber bands to create the rope, or use an ordinary rope, or buy one at many sporting goods store. many sporting goods stores.


you can play/exercise anywhere with enough space. You can carry the rope anywhere with you when you travel.

Kids love it

children are usually faster learners when it comes to jump rope. This is the proof that jump rope is fun, kids become addicted to it and become more proficient, especially with tricks. This exercise can help the kids develop their self-esteem and body coordination.

Now, if you think that the benefits are enough to try out jumping rope, you must bear in mind that as with all exercise programs, you should first talk with your doctor. Your doctor can decide whether this is a safe option for you.

And if your doctor gives you the “GO” signal then choose the most comfortable surface to jump on. A hanging wood floor is the best choice surface, but if it not available, you can jump outdoors. Just stay away from the grass that can be slippery and cement surfaces because it is so tough. Your knees will absorb the impact of landing, so avoid hard surfaces. You can also purchase a rubber exercise mat that can absorb the force of your jump and landing.

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