Jump Rope Caboose Tutorial

ump rope caboose is an easy to learn the trick, which is fun and physically beneficial. Do you want to learn how to do it? If yes, read on below.

Step by step instructions.

There are three basic tricks that you need to master, which are the cross in, jump, and exit.

  • Stand as you typically would if you were to start skipping
  • Swing the rope in front of you
    Crisscross your arms
  • Bending forward, pass your crossed hands between your legs
  • Make sure your legs are as wide as possible
  • Ensure the tip of the rope goes beyond the sides of your legs (if it does not, the rope will not pass over )
  • Ensure your wrists are straight underneath the legs
  • Swing the rope around you and jump over it once (use the momentum of the cross to get the rope to swing over your body)
  • Practice your jumping to ensure the rope has enough space to pass. One useful technique is to raise your feet high enough
  • Time the jump over the rope just right. The best time to jump is when the rope is at eye level. If you do it too soon or too late, the rope will not make the necessary clearance.
  • Once you jump over the rope, rise up, uncross your arms, pull the rope forward and skip backward
  • The progression into the backward skipping position comes naturally.

Important Tips to Remember

You may not get the technique right at the first go. Do not give up though, once you master the crossing, jump, and exit, you will be able to Caboose like an expert. The main things you need to learn is crisscrossing your arms behind your legs, and how to use the momentum of the rope to get a proper swing.


Final Thoughts

Jump rope Caboose is fun, and an excellent exercise too; you get the benefits of cardio training with your skip rope.


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