Can seniors jump rope?

Many of us may know that jumping rope as a form of exercise is a very efficient way to burn calories, burning more calories per minute than either swimming or rowing. Though you may relate it to an exercise for boxers, it is actually a form of exercise from which many of us can benefit. As we grow older, our body also ages, making our search for ways to maintain our fitness level more difficult. We begin to lose that spark of youth, that would help to push us through those doldrum days when we just feel like sitting on the couch, instead of going to work out. Because of the bodily changes that occur with age, it is even more important to find a pleasant means of physical activity in which we can anticipate taking part. We don’t need to fear the jump rope, just jump right in and see your body change.

Age is only a number indicative of how many years you have been on this earth. It does not set in stone how you should act or feel. The fact is there are some physical changes that occur to us all, such as a decrease in muscle mass. This is an excellent reason why you need to maintain your activity level or even increase your level of activity as you age. Often as you get older your motivation to exercise often decreases, but actually, it is even more important to get yourself moving. Of course, as you may already know, before starting any new exercise program it is important to visit your healthcare provider. Your doctor will let you know if your state of health allows you to participate in the exercise of your choice. He will also let you know if there are any limitations that need to be placed on your exercise routine.

Jump rope training can easily be modified for the older population. You shouldn’t have an expectation that a double jump should come like second nature to you. Instead, start slowly, with single jumps. The essential point to remember is to maintain the intensity of your workout. An appropriately intensive workout will get your heart pumping and aid you in improving your activity level as you get older.

A jump rope exercise regime is a great way to maintain your fitness. It is a wonderful low impact exercise. It is unlike running, which can result in numerous types of injuries due to its high impact. Thus jumping rope will give you a great workout without the strains and pains of running. In addition, it will aid to increase bone density, muscle mass, and metabolism at a rapid rate.

Start jumping rope today. It is a highly intense workout, that is great for us as we grow older. It will help you see results faster than other types of workouts. It is a well-rounded workout and it’s never too old to start.

Jumping rope after 40

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