Aero Speed Jump Rope Buddy Lee

If you are in the market for a high-performance jump rope, Buddy Lees Aero Speed Jump Rope is an excellent choice. Buddy Lee, a well known Olympian, has designed this jump rope to teach people how to maximize the benefits of jump roping for weight loss and overall health. Whether for use at your local gym, or for your own personal home gym, this product will not disappoint. This product has been designed to include a patented swivel bearing system, which ensures smooth turns with no annoying rope tangles. The jump rope has also been ergonomically designed to remain safe for the user regardless of use frequency. It has also been specially designed for speed and power jumping to allow awesome cardio-intensive workout sessions.

Other features of this jump rope include being able to cut the rope in order to fit customers’ height requirements. It is also great for both beginners and advanced users. It is truly the most current innovative jump rope on the market. The bearing system allows for eliminating friction, drag, and tangling. The rope includes a swivel bearing wrench in order for the customer to secure and replace bearings as needed. It has also been rated as “Best Rope” by well-known publications, Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness Magazine.

Buddy Lees Aero Speed Jump Rope has received one hundred and thirty-one customer reviews on Amazon with over 65% of the reviews having four stars or more of the possible five-star rating. Overall, the reviews are very favorable for customers who have used the product. There is also a discussion forum included on the Amazon page for customers who have questions. Based upon these customer reviews, Buddy Lees Aero Speed Jump Rope is a great buy for anyone looking to purchase a jump rope that is better than the original old school design. Highly recommended.

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