4 Reasons Why Jumping Rope Give Could Give You a Headache

There are many reports of people getting headaches while jumping rope. The severities range from a slight headache all the way to people wondering if they should be rushed off to the ER. If you are having lots of pain please consult your doctor.

Why Jumping Rope Give Me a Headache?

Jumping rope is a fun way to quickly keep fit and exercise. It is because when you jump the string, you burn a lot of calories due to the vigorous body movement. But why have a headache while doing this important exercise? Well, the truth is not only is it because you are jumping rope, but any other activity that you may do apart from the jump rope may cause a headache.
Other activities that may lead to similar headaches include: running, weight lifting, jogging, and push-ups, to mention a few.

Now let’s look at what would could have to a headache while you are rope jumping:

Hard Training

Rope jumping is as tough as an exercise like any other, such as weight lifting and running. It means that as easy as it is to perform it, there should be a set limit. Overdoing it may lead to body fatigue and even headaches.
Regulations set should indicate one to be doing it if you do it daily for long hours. Because jumping causes the tightening of the neck muscle, which may be the other cause when you train, you have a headache due to the neck muscle fatigue.

Lack of Enough Water in Your Body

Dehydration could be another route cause of headaches while rope jumping. When your rope jumping, your body needs to cool, so a lot of sweat is released. During this process, there is lower water in your body, and more is required.
If you experience high dehydration, your brain may shrink temporarily due to loss of fluids, causing it to retract from the skull, which is painful due to dehydration.

High Pressure in Your Head

The impact of rope jumping causes blood vessels around the brain to be sore and expanses the nerves within and propels a sting wave. It may be the reason why you may experience concurrent headaches while rope jumping.
Regular cardio can moderate this response, thanks in part to enhancing endorphins, the body’s natural local anesthetic, released during bodybuilding.

First Time Rope Jumping

Doing jump ropes for the first couple of times will surely bring the headache to play. It is because your body is changing drastically due to the new form of exercise. The good news is that it is only temporary, and being consistent with your training will eventually lead to it disappearing.
Low Blood Sugar
The brain uses a relatively high amount of blood user levels than any other part of the body, reducing the amount of sugar required by the brain for its normal functioning and processing.
Low sugar levels cause is due to skipping meals and the individuals with malfunctioning adrenaline glands and hence can’t raise sugar level when they jump rope.


The real cause of jump rope headache is not verified, but the above pointers could be just why you have the pain. The pain doesn’t have to be experienced only during jump rope but also in any other exercise. The best thing that one can do if symptoms persist is by seeking medical advice.

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