Is Jump Rope Bad For Your Knees & Joint?

Many people have been asking themselves whether jumping a rope is best for their knees before learning how to jump a rope. The answer they get surprises them.

No, it’s not. When you jump a rope, it does not harm your knees. However, bad things might happen but can only result from things you do while jumping—such results in knee pain. So, you don’t have to worry anymore; just do the right thing.

How to Avoid Shin Splints and Injury When Jumping Rope

Jumping a rope is a unique exercise because it is also self-limiting training. It means jumping rope keeps you from using a poor technique for an extended time. Doing the wrong techniques we trip you quickly.

The proper jumping technique is where you jump using the midsoles of your feet. It will allow the weight and stress to dissipate equally through the body.

Experiencing normal pain and soreness after effective work out should be expected. But, any signs of bad pain should wary you, especially sharp pains in muscles and joints. Any time you experience abnormal pain, check help from a professional.

Another way to avoid injury is to have shoes with good stability, sufficient cushioning, excellent ankle, and arch support. Don’t use a pair of shoes with deep groves, a platform, or an elevated heel.

Lastly, to avoid injury jumping rope, know the much you’re jumping. Adjust your speed depending on the body signals you receive. Avoid allowing excitement to drive you, especially if you’re a beginner.

What Is Best Advice For People Having Bad Knees But Want To Keep Active?

For people having a bad knee and can’t jump a rope, they should consider other activities to keep them active. Some activities are easier on the knees. For example, swimming is relatively easy for bad knee except for the butterfly stroke. Bicycling and walking or other good exercises helps to keep people active with bad knees because they don’t experience high impact.

Another good option for someone who belongs to the gym is the elliptical machine. This machine contains pedals rather than a flat and treadmill like surface. Using the machine allows you to walk and stimulate running without impacts on your joints. And any activity with reduced impact is the excellent choice for bad knees.

How to Quickly Warm-up Before You Jump Rope

Before jumping rope, you need to be in good form. A proper warm-up is the other essential thing to prevent experiencing injuries like joint pain and shin splints in your ankles and knees.

A proper warm-up routine will enhance your mobility and especially suitable for individuals working out in the morning hours. It is recommended to have a dynamic warm-up routine to have your whole body ready for a jumping rope work out. This routine works best:

● 20 jumping jacks
● 10 push-ups
● 10 squats
● 5 front lunges with each leg

After you complete this mini-circuit for three times, you’re ready to start jumping rope. Just like workouts, they are simple but effective.

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