Jump Rope Diet and Fitness

Jumping rope for fitness and the Jump rope diet is an excellent way to shed off those extra unwanted pounds in a timely and effective manner, as well as a more fun and interactive exercise that you can even do with your children. There are many different things you will need to take into consideration in order to have the proper jump rope diet technique. Below are some examples of how to and some benefits of jumping rope.

Eating The Proper Foods

Maintaining a well balanced diet, while jumping rope for fitness is going to aid you in weight loss and make you happier and healthier. Some of the food that you should not eat would be, junk foods such as chips, cookies, cakes, soda and any other foods high in fat, sugar and calories. Some excellent foods you should eat would be fish, fruits, veggies and any other foods that are low calories. Remember with the jump rope diet, you need to burn more then you take in while receiving the proper nutrition. Also, it is important not to eat or drink anything at least one hour before you exercise.

Jumping Environment

You can perform your jump rope for fitness routine anywhere that you please, as long as it is in a large open area, away from obstacles that could cause you to be caught up, trip or fall. Also, be sure that you are performing your jump rope diet on a softer surface. It is not recommended to work out on concrete or asphalt because it can be harmful to your ankles.

Proper Outerwear

With any type of exercise, you need to be sure that you are wearing the proper workout attire. You need clothing that will not cause you to over heat, but one that will keep you cool during your jumping rope for fitness routine. Wear clothing that allows your body to move and breathe freely, but also fits properly to prevent any injuries, do to loose clothing.

Warm Up

Before performing your jump rope for fitness routine, Be sure to do 15 minutes of stretching, to prevent strain and potential injuries to your muscles, and will aid in receiving the most benefits of jumping rope.

How You Should Work Out

You need to start out at your own pace. Do not push yourself to the breaking point right in the beginning. Start yourself off by doing simple 30 minute jump rope exercises a day, for three to five days a week. Be sure to take short breaks in-between and drink small amounts of water to keep you hydrated.

Stepping Up Your Workout

Once you have mastered a daily routine, you can then switch it up by added more complicated techniques and tricks into it. This will increase the benefits of jumping rope during your jumping rope for fitness routine and your jump rope diet. Some examples of things you can do to intensify your workout would be speed step and the double under skip.

The Speed Step

The speed step is done by alternating between the left and right foot for each jump. This exercise makes your work out a bit more intense and will also provide extra toning to your leg, butt and lower back muscles.

The Double Under Skip

The double under skip, a more complicated technique. requires you to jump as high as possible, so you can swing the rope under your feet twice within that one jump, increasing your benefits of jumping rope.

The jump rope diet and jumping rope for fitness is one of the most effective and well known exercise out there. The benefits of jumping rope and the ability to switch up your jumping rope for fitness routine prevents becoming bored and losing sight of your goals.

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