Jump Rope Fitness Conditioning

Jump rope fitness is simply your capacity to jump rope – how long and hard you can jump rope.

Jump rope fitness conditioning refers to workouts you do to develop and maintain your jump rope fitness.

Well, so what! Who cares:

  • How fast you can jump over a rope in a minute or two or five?
  • If you can jump rope for 30 minutes?
  • What rope jumping skills or tricks you can perform?

Well, you should. Here are two fantastic facts why jump rope is the best workout:

  1. Jump rope fitness is the universal fitness.In other words, when you’re fit to jump rope then you’ll have the physical fitness and capacity to do just about any other sport or activity. That’s why jump rope fitness is a universal fitness. It works for everything else – running, swimming, cycling, tennis, golf, badminton, soccer football, hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball, dance, boxing, wrestling, martial arts and more …
  2. Sport enthusiasts and athletes alike (who don’t jump rope) aren’t fit to jump rope!It’s amazing to see strong fit sports people and professional athletes try to jump rope for even a few minutes. It doesn’t matter how strong and fit these people are or what sport they’re good at. Practically without exception, one of these two things happen:
  • Most people, who haven’t jumped rope in the past, don’t have the skills or athleticism to jump rope continuously without stopping repeatedly. They trip on the rope, stumble, give up, or methodically try to skip along slower than little children in the playground.
  • Many athletes and sport minds people have learned how to jump rope in the past, but they don’t incorporate jump rope workouts as part of their warm-up or training. They can smile as they quickly show off a few tricks and some fast jumping, but it’s hard for many of them to jump continuously for even five minutes. And here’s the kicker – it hurts. Even if they don’t feel it, or pretend that they don’t feel it, right away. They’ll feel those five minutes of hard jumping, tomorrow.

Think about it. It doesn’t seem to make any sense. How can jumping rope make you fit for doing everything else? And don’t other athletes have the fitness to jump rope?

To see how jump rope is the best workout, you’ve got to understand this one 5-word sports maxim –

Fitness conditioning is sport specific.

Just about every coach and and every athlete in any sport around the world agrees that the best way to be fit for a specific sport is to do that same sport. Makes a whole lot of sense. Running is the best fitness conditioning for running. Swimming is best way to get in shape for swimming and so on. Now of course, there’s going to be some cross over. Many professional athletes should theoretically be able to run a marathon is a respectable time, but you’d have to be a little bit crazy to try it (see story below).

Ok, so that explains if you don’t jump rope then jumping rope is going to hurt, provided that you can do it at all. But is doesn’t explain how can jumping rope makes you fit for just about every other sport, when other sports don’t make you fit for jumping rope?

What makes jump rope fitness the universal fitness?

The simple answer is – My Jump Rope Workouts use all the muscles and all the energy systems that that you’ll use in any specific sport you choose. You’ll find detailed answers throughout the site and guides to jump rope workouts for specific sports on these pages:

  • Jump Rope for Running Fitness
  • Jump Rope for Martial Arts Fitness and Skill
  • Jump Rope for Basketball Fitness
  • Jump Rope for Swimming Fitness
  • Jump Rope for Dancing Fitness and Skill
  • Jump Rope for Daily Life Fitness and Skill

To summarize what we’ve learned – jump rope will make you fit for everything else and nothing else will make you fit for jump rope! Then how do you get fit for jumping rope?

Jump rope fitness conditioning

It comes as no big surprise that physical conditioning with your jump rope is the best way to workout and develop jump rope fitness. Duh – that’s obvious! Here are three big surprises about fitness conditioning with My Jump Rope Workout:

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