How Long Should My Jump Rope Be?

Start With a Rope Length Based on Your Height

Follow these three steps to measure the length of a jump rope that’s good for you:

  1. Stand with one foot on the center of your rope.
  2. Pull the handles up to your sides, keeping the rope tight.
  3. The top of the handle should reach to your armpits.

These three steps and the table below will guide you to a rope length good for general rope jumping based on your height. A slightly longer or shorter rope length may be a better fit for your style of jumping, skill level, and physique.

A Longer or Shorter Rope May Work Better For You

Longer ropes turn slower. But a rope too long is hard is unwieldy and hard to control. Use a longer rope to learn new tricks. Beginners line a longer rope because it goes slower. A longer rope is also great for longer cardio workouts.

Shorter ropes turn faster. But a rope too short won’t clear around your head of feet. Use a shorter rope for speed jumping. Advanced speed and trick jumpers prefer a rope that is as short as practical.

How to Adjust the Length of Your Rope

Be sure to start with a rope that is not too short. It is easy to make a rope shorter, but you can’t make a shot rope longer!

Some ropes are designed to be adjustable. Follow instructions from the manufacturer to adjust the length.

The simplest and most effective way to make a rope shorter is just to tie one or two knots on the rope near the handle. You will never feel the knot when you jump because it will be right next to the handle. Never ties a knot near the center of your rope. You can tie more knots to make your rope even shorts. And if you want to try a longer rope, then just undo a knot or two. It’s that simple.

How long should my jumprope be for my height?

Rope length Header 1 / 2
7’- 8 4’10’’ – 5’3’’
9’ 5’4’’- 5’10’’
10’ 5’11’’ – 6’6’’
11’ Over 6’6’

How long should my jumprope be for double unders

This really depends on your personal preference…Take your jump rope and stand on the middle then pull the rope handles up to your shoulders.

  • The  end of handles should reach the top of your shoulders
  • Generality a normal length should have the end of rope handles at your armpits height is generally pretty normal.
  • If the handles reach your nipples then that would be a pretty short rope, please note that a shorter rope usually means faster speeds when jumping. but may be better for faster speeds.

I suggest you experiment a little and find that right size that fits your need.Please keep in mind that you can always make your rope shorter but it may be a bit more difficult to make the rope longer after you cut it : ).

Rope Measuring Tip


After you’ve measured the jump rope and start jumping, LISTEN to the sound of the rope.

Here are the 3 ways to know if you have the right rope length:​

  • Too Long – The rope is smacking the floor every time
  • Too Short – If you feel the rope hitting your feet
  • Just Right – You hear a soft swish at every turn and the rope doesn’t hit your feet

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