Beaded Jump Rope VS Speed Jump Rope

The jump rope is a memory from childhood we can not escape. The faint idea of this rope was to help all of us exercise because despite the loathing feeling we all felt for the jump rope; it was a great cardio exercise. Now in adulthood we know collectively that the jump rope is a great way to stay in shape, the question comes up though; is the beaded jump rope better or is the speed jump rope the better choice? This is of course a question which needs answering. So which is better? Which produces the best workout routine? You are the judge of that.

​Something that has always seems to stand out from Elementary school is the sight of that jump rope with all the beads. However despite its weird appearance there are actually many benefits to using this style of jump rope. For one the beaded jump rope is strong and inter changeable, this is important especially when jumping rope on a surface that would do serious damage to other jump ropes; but does nothing to this type. The beads also prevent tangling which is great for beginners, which is probably why most of us used them as children.

Now the speed jump rope is a different story. Most of us will not remember these ropes mainly because they are used by people with experience. Although they are more difficult there are still advantages to using them. The main difference between the speed and the beads is the speed ropes are actually easier to carry around. This is because they are much lighter. Also with these ropes you will find they are more effective if you have experience with jump roping, this is because the workout is often described as more intense. If used properly you can get a great cardio jump rope workout.

In the search for the best workout routine you have to ask yourself what kind of workout you want. Both of these ropes will give you a cardio jump rope workout; it just depends on what you want that workout to feel like.

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