Stretching before you start jumping rope is extremely important

Stretching is a very important part of your jump rope workout and this part is many times is overlooked; most people just don’t spend nearly enough time doing any stretching before they start jumping. After you worm up your body it is important to stretch adequately to minimize any change on injury.

A commonly used Yoga technique is to think of the muscle you are stretching as you breathe. It is all about connecting your movement with your breathing. I can’t say that I personally do this, but I do know a few that do.

In order not to hurt yourself you want to make sure not to pull yourself to far in to each stretch, try not to pull harder and harder, flexibly is something that takes time to develop and with in time if you keep on stretching you will see that progress. You want to relax while you stretch and try going a bit deeper with each exhale.

Make sure you pay close attention to how your body feels during your stretching before your jumping rope, and try not to do any bouncing while you stretch, this is a common problem and could cause your muscles to tonight and lead to injury.

Water Break

After you finished your stretching from head to toe, this is a good time for a water break before you start jumping rope. You just want to make sure that you don’t take too long since within a minute of two your body will start to cool down and your muscles will start to tighten up with will can defeat the purpose of all the worming up you did till now.

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