10 Steps to Teach a 10-year-old to Jump Rope

There are many benefits to learning how to jump rope. Fun is most certainly tops of the list. Jumping rope is also great exercise and an excellent way to learn coordination. Teaching your child to jump rope is fun for both of you. It is a great time to bond and perhaps you’ll even remember a little piece of your childhood. These are the ten steps for teaching your ten-year-old to jump rope.

1.)Convincing them to get off the couch
These days it seems that children want to stay in, play a video game, or curl up with their Ipad. Since technology has really taken over it seems like the most fun can be had when planted in front of the TV. So, convince them to come outdoors and try something new. Don’t forget to remind them they might like it.

2.)Going to the Store
Learning the coordination aside, this may be the most challenging part of the entire process. You will tell your child you are going to the store for a jump rope. However, they may be convinced that they need to look at everything. Be prepared. The act of going to the store for the rope may result in a two-hour store roam. May I suggest Target with a stop at the Starbucks inside?

3.)Taking them back away from their electronics
Once back at the house your child may have lost a bit of the momentum. Thanks to the Venti Latte you’re amped and ready to go. Your kiddo may have other plans, convincing you they need a snack while watching a few minutes of TV. Revisit step one and remind them how much fun it’s going to be.

It’s time to dust off your childhood. Don’t be afraid to act like a kid yourself. The funnier you look the better. Show your child jumping rope. However, if you had amazing skills don’t go to a 1,000. Just simply show them how easy it is.

5.)Start with the Basics
Tell them this is how you learned and place the rope on the ground. Take turns jumping over it. Do funny jumps. The sillier you act the better. The trick is to make it more fun than the Ipad they have inside.

6.)Pick up the Rope
Instead of jumping into the jump, show them what the hand motion looks like. Walk over the rope so they see what jumping rope looks like in slow motion.

Let them try the same thing. It may take time but let them get the motion down so when they get ready to jump they feel more confident.

8.)Time to Jump
Now that they have the moves down let them try to put them both together. Be patient even if the Latte is starting to hit a low.

9.)Chant and Encourage
As they learn and get better at the skill let them know what a great job they’re doing. Get them to chant turn first and then jump.

10.) Beyond the Basics
Once they have gotten the hang of the basic turn and jump try the popular Teddy Bear Game:
Teddy Bear, teddy bear, jump around (turn while jumping)
Teddy bear, teddy bear, touch the ground (bend low before jumping up)
Teddy bear, teddy bear, tie your shoes (touch shoes before jumping up)
Teddy bear, teddy bear, got the flu! (jump out of the rope)

Jumping rope is great exercise. Children need fresh air and fun things to do. As long as you encourage them and give them the occasional high five once they learn you’ll undoubtedly be spending a lot more time outside.

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