Easy Jump Rope Tricks

Although most of us use jumping ropes as a common tool for some playground activity, it can also be used for fitness and cardio exercises. Those looking for an easy cardiovascular and muscle building exercise regime can include jump rope activity in their daily exercise schedule. Using jump ropes for exercising will help you in building muscles, strengthening your core muscles and improving your balance and coordination. Here is a list of few easy jump rope tricks that you can follow and practice on a regular basis.

Straddle Cross:

Straddle Cross is one of the easy jump rope tricks, perfect for all beginners. If you want, you can start practicing this jump rope trick without the rope first, so you can get used to the positions easily. Start this with a simple jump step with both feet and jump again before landing with your right foot that is crossed over your left foot. Continue the step for the next feet and land in a similar way with one feet crossing over the other. You may consider practicing this trick first before accelerating your jumps.

Knee Lifts:

Begin this trick with your jumping rope by establishing a good heel-toe movement. While landing, you need to bend your knees and keep your body in an upright position so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Basically, this jump is similar to the two footed jump, but without grounding your heels. This is one best cardio exercise as lifting your knees while jumping will increase your heart rate significantly. In case, you find it difficult, you should first practice the two footed jump and then consider doing the knee lifts.

Knee Lift Sprints

This is a tricky jump rope exercise, perfect for those, who are looking for an easy and good cardio-vascular exercise to increase their fitness. Use the jump rope in an alternating heel-toe action; in this trick, you will again lift your knees higher while picking up the speed. This is a difficult jump rope trick for the beginners. You may not master this trick initially; however, with practice, you will be able to pick up the speed and spin the rope faster and have an ultimate and effective workout.


Crossovers are truly a cool-looking jump rope trick that anyone would love to do. This trick involves moderate two footed jumps; as you begin to take up the speed, you need to form a loop in your rope by quickly crossing your hands. As the loop forms, you need to jump through it and immediately uncross your hands. Initially, you may find this trick little difficult; but, you will be able to pick up the speed with practice.

Wounded Duck:

Wounded Duck is one of the simplest jump rope tricks for the beginners. While jumping, bring your heels closer and toes apart and change the pattern on your next jump by putting your toes together and heels apart. Continue to alternate the pattern during each jump.

Side Toe Touches:

Although it is not an easy jump rope trick, it is one amongst the best fitness-oriented jump rope exercise. To perform this trick, you need to jump over the rope and land only on your left foot while placing your right foot away and right toe approximately 6 inches towards the right and on the floor. You need to alternate the landing pattern on the next jump.Once you learn these easy jump rope tricks and continue practicing, you can effectively burn calories without even going to the gym or participating in any extensive weight-loss training. Thus, give a try and enjoy working out right at your home.

Jumping rope is both an exercise and a sport. There are skills you need to have like speed, focus and agility. There are three stages of jump rope tricks. The first stage requires you to do tricks to improve your balance, speed and agility. The next level requires stamina and focus. And finally, the last stage requires you to do advanced tricks that will make us of your acrobatic skills.

ou can proceed to doing simple and basic tricks once you’ve gotten used to the rhythm of the rope. There are simple tricks like the heel exchange where you tap the heel of your foot on the space in front of you, using your right leg then left. And the single side swings where you place your hands close together and perform a rope swing to one side of your body, after each jump. After each swing, unlock your hands then proceed to the regular jump.

Intermediate tricks on the other hand, needs some practice. If you are able to execute an intermediate trick properly, you will find it fun and exciting. There are tricks like the Irish Fling where you jump once and land on one foot as you tap your other foot to the side, like the Irish dance. The second jump will land on the same foot while the other foot taps a little more forward to the side. On jump three, you should tap your foot in front of you, and then land on the same foot again, but bend your leg and lift your ankle up in front of you. The last jump will have you start back at the beginning but with the legs switched.

You should almost perfect balance, stamina, and intense focus when executing advanced tricks. But if you are adept at jumping rope, these will seem easy to perform. Advanced tricks like the cross-cross are popular. Doing a cross trick, and swiftly uncrossing and then crossing again before jumping is trick. This trick requires exceptional speed and balance. There is the behind the back cross that requires incredible flexibility. The trick is executed by crossing the rope with arms behind you (crossed on your back) after the first jump. After the next jump, you should quickly uncross your arms, but after each jump, before you cross, your arms should go behind your back. This is what makes this particular trick work.

Push-up: if you are familiar with push-ups and you have a strong upper body, you may be able to pull-of this trick. Jump and they immediately drop to the ground in a push-up form. Then jump up by using your arms to push you up, back in a standing position while pulling the rope backwards and under your feet. End in a standing position and repeat and do another push up.

Watching somebody perform jump rope tricks with precision and accuracy is like watching art live in front of you and can naturally draw a crowd.

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